The Blazer Trio

Burt Meyer, Alley Hinkle, and Dusty Rhodes
bring back the “Great Folk Scare”

The Blazer Trio, named after the Centralia College school mascot, formed in 1964.  Tim Bigelow, Burt Meyer, and Jim Moore were a Kingston Trio copy group, but changed to a PP&M copy group when Jim dropped out and Karen Helland joined.  In 1965 Tim & Burt spent a year in Europe as wandering minstrels, and, upon return, reformed the trio with Pam Woody in for Karen.  She was later replaced by her sister Lynne.  The Trio disbanded in 1967, and reformed in 2015 for the Null Set Coffeehouse 50th reunion with Di Meyer in for Karen, and Dusty Rhodes in for Tim.  Alley Hinkle took Di’s place that summer for the 2nd “Null Set Remembered”, and the current Blazer Trio is Dusty, Burt, and Alley.

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